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Poker is a popular game all over the world close to becoming a form of sport and enjoying international tournaments every day.

How to register?


First of all, you need to create a Vbet account. Go to www.vbet.com and click on Register. Fill in all the fields and click on Register. Then, fill in all the fields and click on Register.

How to enter the Poker page and download the poker programme?

Once your account is created, head into the Poker page and click on Download to have the poker programme. You may also choose the Play Now option. However, we recommend you download the programme to have more comfort experience.

How to get news and notifications about promotions and tournament tables?

While you download the programme, we advise you to take a closer look at our website and news. Below, you can see all current promos, read the tournament rules and lists, all updated online.

Settings, chat and language choice

Above, you will see the General, Chat and Language Settings. Use the Chat option to connect to our support team who will be happy to answer your questions.

Wallet and charging

To access your wallet, click on Balance on the upper part of the page.

How to transfer money from main wallet to poker account

Choose a convenient payment method. Choose the payment system, you enter the amount you want to load, then click on Deposit.

How to install the poker programme

Now you are ready to install the poker programme on your PC. Open the newly downloaded file and click on Run. Follow the instructions and click on Finish once the installation is complete. You can now play the Vbet poker. Open the programme and enter your username you had created while registering, your password and then click on Login.

Choosing a nickname

Once inside the programme, you are required to choose your Poker nickname. The latter will be seen on the right together with the current amount on your account and the points scored.

Poker points and account

Click on Cashier to move to your wallet, located on the website. Now you can participate in our tournaments, in the Sit’n’Go’s and Ring Games by choosing the respective section.

Cash games

In the Cash Games section, you can choose tables which have other players sitting around them or open a new table. Not finding a vacant place at a table, you may open a new one and wait for the others to join you. Click on Hide Empty Tables if you want to see only occupied tables.

Cash table

Open the cash table, click on the vacant chair and choose the sum, with which you want to join the table. For that, choose the Buy-In Amount and click on Buy-In. On the upper side of the table you will see the History button, which shows all of your previous deals.


Open the Tournaments section to view the list of our tournaments. Choose the one you want. Click on it to have more detailed information about the tournament. You will see here the prize pool, the number of entrants and other details. For further details, click on More Tournament Info.


You can register for smaller tournaments (meant for 2, 6, 9, 18 players) in the Sit’n’Go section. Enter Options – Display All Options if you want to change the table view, time zone etc.



Poker rake structure
BlindsNum of PlayersRakeCap
0.02/0.053-105%EUR 0.75
0.05/0.103-105%EUR 1.00
0.10/0.253-105%EUR 2.00
0.25/0.503-105%EUR 3.00
0.50/13-105%EUR 3.00
1/23-105%EUR 4.00
2/43-105%EUR 4.00
3/63-105%EUR 4.50
5/10 and Higher3-105%EUR 4.50
BlindsNum of PlayersRakeCap
0.02/0.0525%EUR 0.75
0.05/0.1025%EUR 1.00
0.10/0.2525%EUR 1.00
0.25/0.5025%EUR 1.00
0.50/125%EUR 1.50
1/225%EUR 1.50
2/425%EUR 2.50
3/625%EUR 3.00
5/10 and Higher25%EUR 3.00