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Below are the important Terms and Conditions that you need to know, if you play backgammon on VBET:

Fixed game


The following are examples of a “fixed game”: 

  1. a player intentionally transmits a bet to a friend or other person, 
  2. a player fraudulently uses a credit card that does not belong to them, 
  3. a player submits false data during the game in the backgammon room. 

According to Vbet terms and conditions, in the case of a “fixed game” the player’s account will be blocked.

In suspected or confirmed instances of “fixed game”, Vbet reserves the right to: 

  1. Immediately block the player’s account. 
  2. Terminate the player's account on Vbet. 
  3. Freeze the funds on the player’s account. 
  4. Provide respective information to the relevant authorities. 

The winnings will be added to the players’ accounts after the final result has been verified. 

If any amounts are mistakenly transferred to the player’s account, the player is obliged to inform Vbet of the irregularity. 


Any payments acquired due to an incorrect money transfer shall be deemed invalid and returned to Vbet. 

Use of gaming software (external software intervention)


If a player commits external software intervention during individual or group games (i.e. used special applications for playing backgammon) Vbet reserves the right to: 

  1. Immediately block the player’s account. 
  2. Terminate the player's account in Vbet. 
  3. Require the player to play some games without the use of applications and in the presence of the Professional Committee. 

Any fraud, deceit and other similar deed, will be viewed by the organization as a dishonest act against another player. 

Account holders should be aware that the company takes measures to prevent the use of software, and the players are prohibited from using eXtreme Gammon and other similar types of software.

Obvious technical problems


If there are any technical issues or failures that occur which are the fault of Vbet, then bets are recovered by the decision of a Professional Committee. 

If the game was interrupted because of connection interruption or other technical issues on the part of the player, Vbet does not restore any bets. 

If an obvious technical issue is taking place in tournaments, i.e. the program does not charge entrance fees or re-buys sums, and the prize fund keeps growing, the organization denounces and disavows the tournament. 

For further details please see the "Help" section.

Rake description


Players on our cash backgammon tables players are subject to a fee (rake). Currently, the rake percentage on our backgammon network is 4%.